College Recruiting: The Starting Line

Are you new to college recruiting and have no idea where to begin?   Let GFS bring you up to speed as you begin your college search process.  Before you begin you should have a solid grasp on playing college sports.   There are many questions you need to answer before just taking off.   Here is an introduction to everything you need to know about playing college sports.

College Recruiting Process Snapshot

3 Things You Need to Know

  • The Recruiting Process Starts Early!
  • Being Identified by college coaches does not happen magically
  • College coaches will begin the evaluating prospects online.

3 Things You Need to Do

  • Develop a Game Plan
  • Create a customized marketing plan
  • Contact coaches and Visit Schools

Parents Role in the College Recruiting Process

Since most parents play an integral part in their child’s college recruiting search lets begin with the parents expectations or role in the recruiting process

  • Be respectful of your son or daughters ownership of the college recruiting process. It is the student who will spend the years on the college campus, and therefore the decision must ultimately be theirs.
  • Be realistic regarding your child’s abilities both on and off the field
  • Give your son or daughter the benefit of your wisdom and experience, and talk to your child about any restrictions (financial or otherwise) on his/her college options.
  • Prepare your child to be an independent being. Parents want to see their children succeed in all aspects of their life.  Encourage them to start doing things on their own.

Student-Athlete’s Role in the Recruiting Process

  • Be True to Yourself!  While you should listen carefully to the advice of others, avoid being overly swayed by peer pressure or impression of others. Find the school that fits you!
  • Begin the college search process early, allowing plenty of time to research, visit schools, and weigh your options.Don’t start early to commit early!
  • Visit schools to which you are most interested in.  There is no substitute for seeing the college and getting a feel for campus.
  • Don’t let the process get you down.  Keep in mind that thousands of other students and student-athletes are experiencing the same fears and concerns you may have. Talk to friends and teammates about what they are going through and together you can help each other out.

Why Do you want to go to college?  

It seems like an easy question but if you can verbalize it or write it down it can paint you a much clearer picture of what you are looking for from your college experience.  College is the gateway to opportunity, experiences, options, and financial stability.  The College experience is designed to help you begin the transition of a dependent being who lives with your parents to an independent being and a fully functional citizen in our society. The path will undoubtedly have its ups and downs, but they are part of life lessons that incorporate academics, socials skills, and growing sense of independence.  So, what is your reason to go to college?  Write It Down!

Benefits of Playing in College

There are many advantages to being a student-athlete. Playing intercollegiate athletics is an experience that provides student-athletes with the opportunity to excel in a sport they love while building an educational foundation for their future.  Competing at the next level will provide student-athletes with life lessons that will help them way beyond their college career.   Student-Athletes are more likely to be hired for jobs out of college over non student-athletes because of what they experienced being a student-athlete.  Being a part of a team, setting and achieving goals, good time management skills, and learning how to battle adversity are just some of the things that will help you later in life. To play in college it takes a lot of time, commitment,  energy, and perseverance but in the end it is totally worth.   As I look back at my life,  playing Division I athletics is one of my greatest accomplishments especially because many people said that I wasn’t good enough.  Read my road to college athletics in My College Experience Blog

Is College Sports Right for you?

How do you determine if playing college sports is right for you and at what level.  You need to be able to answer some of these questions about your commitment to playing at the next level.

  • Are you ready and willing to make the sacrifice and commitment it takes to make your sport a priority next to your academics?
  • Why is playing your sport in college important to you?  One of the main reasons you want to play your sport in college is because of the joy it brings when you are competing.  You have to LOVE your sport!
  • Will you need your sport to get you into the college of your choice?
  • Will you need a scholarship, academic or athletic, to help you pay for your education?
  • Do you have the ability to play your sport in college? How do your abilities compare with teammates and opponents who also aspire to play in college or those you know who have already gone on to play in college?

Now, that you have a better understanding of what college sports entails its time to start your college search process.  Where to begin?  There are so many factors to consider when looking for the right college.   You need to find a school that will provide you with the best college experience, academically, athletically, and socially. We call this finding your College Experience Trifecta   

As you begin searching for schools you need to look at the process from three separate perspectives, you as a student, you as an athlete, and you as a young man or woman. Selecting a college is a major life decision and one of the first steps to becoming an adult. Choosing a college is more than deciding where you are going to spend the next four years of your life, its about development of one’s self.  Your college decision will shape who you will become post college.  As a student-athlete you want to find the place where you will develop in the classroom, on the field, and in the community.  And if you do you just might have found your College Experience Trifecta.

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The College Recruiting Playbook


In 2015, the College Recruiting Playbook was published to help educate prospective student-athletes about the college recruiting process. The College Recruiting Playbook is a student-athletes workbook to finding the right college to fit their academic, athletic, and personal needs.

Finding the right college for your student-athlete doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, with College Recruiting Playbook, you can navigate the five phases of the recruiting process with surprising ease.

1. Planncollege-recruiting-playbook-covering and Preparation

2. Communication

3. Gaining Exposure

4. Decision Making

5. Beyond the Decision

This step-by-step guide walks parents and students through everything they need to know and do in order to find the best college athletically, academically, and personally.

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