Financial Aid 101

The cost of tuition is usually a major factor in selecting a college.  Students would prefer not to graduate under mounds of debt. Finding the right financial package is vital to the college selection process.  There are a number of different forms of financial aid available for students.   Understanding the different forms of financial aid available and how to navigate through the financial aid process is important piece of the college recruiting process.   Here is a brief overview of the different forms of financial aid available.  

Athletic Scholarships

There are two types of NCAA Sports in regards to Athletic Scholarships. (Division I Only)

  • Head Count Sports (Men and Women Basketball, Football, Women’s Gymnastics, Women’s Tennis, and Women’s Volleyball)  A head count sport  means the stated scholarship limit is absolute, and the number of student-athletes receiving awards cannot exceed this number. E.g NCAA Division I-A Football can have a maximum of 85 players on scholarship.  There are no partial scholarships allowed. 
  • Equivalency Sport – means awards can be split into partial scholarships in any proportion up to the maximum allowed.  E.g NCAA Division I baseball program can allocate a number of partial scholarships equivalent to 11.7 Scholarships in any amount among 25 players. 

All NCAA Division II and NAIA sports are equivalency sports for scholarship limits where as the NJCAA arehead count sports. 

See Maximum number of scholarships offered / per sport


Ivy League Schools and some Patriot League Schools state they do not offer athletic scholarships, but they do grant other forms of Merit Scholarships.  The United State Military Academies (Army, Navy, and Air Force) do not award athletic scholarships, but all students receiving an appointment to the academies have their tuition paid in full.