GFS Commitments

Jacob Gosselin – Senior; Soccer; Francis Scott Key HS; Millersville University

How did GFS help me?

“The College Recruiting Playbook was helpful because it introduced me to many new techniques and strategies to help me in the recruiting process. The hardest part for me in the beginning of my recruiting process was finding where to start and the playbook showed me step by step how to start and maintain my progress as a prospective student athlete. I learned not only how to interact with college coaches but how I should behave and play in order to get myself noticed. The playbook really gave me the confidence I needed to get recruited because of its simple and effective step by step process.”

Why I chose Millersville University?

“I chose Millersville University because the coaching staff are some of the best coaches I have had in my entire soccer career through their knowledge of the game and their passion and commitment to the players and team. They spoke to me during the recruiting process with much confidence that I could make an immediate impact on their team and that’s what really attracted me to them even more. A final word of advice is make sure that the school itself is the right fit for you whether it be academics or location because this decision is 100% yours so make sure you are confident in your decision and love everything about the school you are going to attend.

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