GFS Services

Guiding Future Stars College Recruiting Education Services have two purposes


GFS is connecting with a number of College ID Camps/Clinics and College Showcase events to provide prospective student-athletes exposure to college coaches. Gaining exposure to college coaches is one of the most important aspects of the athletic side of the college recruiting process. It is necessary that student-athletes have the opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities to college coaches.


Education is the key to college recruiting. Knowing and understanding all aspects of the college recruiting process is essential as prospective student-athletes try to find their “College Experience Trifecta.” There are so many aspects to navigating through the college recruiting process. GFS has created a surefire approach to win in the classroom, on the field, and in the community. The GFS Education Initiative is an innovative approach comprised of educational resources, recruiting seminars, workshops, and on-site event education assistance. GFS simplifies the college recruiting process by breaking it down into 5 phases that prospective students can navigate in order to reach their goal of playing college sports.