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College Recruiting Road Map

Jump Start your college recruiting process with this FREE PDF download of the College Recruiting Academy Road Map.  It’s full of great resources to help you navigate through the process.  It includes:

  • An overview of the College Recruiting Academy Course
  • Student-Athlete Checklist
  • Personal Mission Statement Worksheet
  • Student-Parent Recruiting Pledge Agreement
  • Email Templates to College Coaches
  • Social Media Checklist
  • College Checklist
  • And so much more . . .


College Recruiting Academy

The Guiding Future Stars College Recruiting Academy is an on-line interactive course that will provide prospective student-athletes a comprehensive overview of the college recruiting process. The course is designed to educate, guide, and inspire the next generation to reach their goal of playing college sports. You will discover everything you need to know and do in order to go from undiscovered to highly recruitable. The GFS

College Recruiting Academy will:

  • EDUCATE prospective student-athletes and parents about what it takes to play at the next level and how the college recruiting process works.
  • GUIDE prospective student-athletes in their pursuit to find their College Experience Trifecta.
  • INSPIRE prospective student-athletes to chase their dream to be a college student-athlete who excels in the classroom, on the field, and in the community.

The College Recruiting Academy is broken down into 6 Phases of the College Recruiting Process.  The course will consist of the following resources and tools to help prospective student-athletes navigate through the college recruiting process.

  • College Recruiting 100 Courses
  • College Recruiting Playbook Activities
  • Recruiting Corner
  • GFS College Recruiting Quick Tip
  • Inside Recruiting with College Coaches (Q&A’s)
  • Student-Athlete Spotlight (Q&A’s)
  • Other Resources (Tips, Strategies, Templates, etc)


Exposure and Education Initiative

The Guiding Future Stars Exposure and Education Initiative is designed to educate, guide, and inspire high school players achieve their goal of playing college sports. Prospective Student-Athletes and their families will have a better understanding of what it takes to play at the next level, the college search process for their sport, and how to find the school that will provide them with the best college experience academically, athletically, and socially. We call this “Finding Your College Experience Trifecta.”


GFS is connecting with a number of College ID Camps/Clinics and College Showcase events to provide prospective student-athletes exposure to college coaches. Gaining exposure to college coaches is one of the most important aspects of the athletic side of the college recruiting process. It is necessary that student-athletes have the opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities to college coaches.


Education is the key to college recruiting. Knowing and understanding all aspects of the college recruiting process is essential as prospective student-athletes try to find their “College Experience Trifecta.” There are so many aspects to navigating through the college recruiting process. GFS has created a surefire approach to win in the classroom, on the field, and in the community. The GFS Education Initiative is an innovative approach comprised of educational resources, recruiting seminars, workshops, and on-site event education assistance. GFS simplifies the college recruiting process by breaking it down into 5 phases that prospective students can navigate in order to reach their goal of playing college sports.

College Recruiting Playbook

The College Recruiting Playbook is a student-athletes guide to finding the right college to fit their academic, athletic, and personal needs.

Finding the right college for your student-athlete doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, with College Recruiting Playbook, you can navigate the five phases of the recruiting process with surprising ease.

1. Planncollege-recruiting-playbook-covering and Preparation

2. Communication

3. Gaining Exposure

4. Decision Making

5. Beyond the Decision

This step-by-step guide walks parents and students through everything they need to know and do in order to find the best college athletically, academically, and personally.

Discover the answers to these questions and much more

  • What does it take to play at the next level?
  • What are the academic requirements to play in college?
  • What are the differences between DI, DII, DIII, and NAIA?
  • What do college coaches look for in prospective student-athletes?
  • What are the Three Key Elements of Gaining Exposure ?
  • What is a verbal commitment? What is a National Letter of Intent?
  • What are the 50 questions every prospective student-athlete should answer before committing to a school?
  • And much more

Did you know that recruiting starts early or that college coaches begin evaluating prospective student-athletes online? As you learn how the process works behind the scenes, you can begin to form your own game plan, promoting your teen’s athletic achievements to successfully attract the coaches and schools you both want.

Written especially for high school athletes, this guide is also an essential read for parents, teachers, and coaches. By utilizing the included organizer and looking at the process from more than an athlete’s point of view, you can form the best strategy for your young athlete’s near and distant future.

Start planning today for your teen’s bright tomorrow!



“Chris brings a wealth of knowledge to the college recruiting process and delivered a very comprehensive presentation to the Lax Factory players and parents.  His ability to touch on specific variables that many people overlook during the recruiting process was particularly impressive, especially for our coaching staff. ”


Josh Funk, Director Lax Factory

“Chris has used his knowledge and expertise to help prospective student-athletes simplify the college recruiting process. This book does an excellent job breaking the process down into 5 phases making it easier to find the “right fit.” The College Recruiting Organizer is a great tool to help manage your college search process. I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in continuing their academic and athletic career at the next level.”

Rob Ryerson, Technical Director Potomac Soccer Association


Here is list of organizations GFS has worked with in the past.  This list continues to grow everyday.





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